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If you wish to have your name and details removed from the MyTigerFriend scheme just let us know by clicking the contact us link below and putting the word “Remove” in the comments field.

Contact Kankati II Female Royal Bengal Tiger, Bandhavgarh

MyTigerFriend is a wild tiger adoption scheme, which follows the lives of wild tigers living in Bandhavgarh, India.

Adopters can choose 1 or more tigers as their MyTigerFriend(s); a separate fee is payable for each. Once adopted the tiger(s) will be your MyTigerFriend(s) for life (subject to the payment of an annual renewal fee for continued MyTigerFriend membership) and you will receive regular updates via newsletters (up to 4 times per year) of your MyTigerFriend’s progress. You will also have access to an exclusive “members only” area of the Tigers4Ever website (online access for Standard & Premium members only). You’ll receive email updates telling you that new tiger news is available (Standard online & Premium online membership). An offline membership is also now available priced at £20 per annum. Premium level MyTigerFriend membership  is also available at £35 per annum.. MyTigerFriend members have access to the latest news stories affecting their tiger’s territory before these are available to non-members (Standard online and Premium online members only). As an exclusive benefit to members of the “MyTigerFriend” scheme you’ll have access to information about your tiger, their forest home and video footage (Standard online and Premium online members only) not available to non-members. You will have a personal log-in name and password to access the members’ area of the website (Standard online and Premium online members only).

Proceeds from the “MyTigerFriend” scheme will help to fund Tigers4Ever’s major wild tiger conservation projects where your tiger lives and you’ll also receive updates and news on ongoing conservation projects. Projects supported by the “MyTigerFriend” scheme include our wildlife waterhole project: http://www.tigers4ever.org/wildlifewaterhole.html and our Buffer Zone Poaching Patrol Project: http://www.tigers4ever.org/poachingpatrols.html.

A gallery of MyTigerFriend tigers can be accessed by clicking this link: http://www.tigers4ever.org/mytigerfriendgallery.html. The individual MyTigerFriends have their own profiles which provide a background to help you choose your favourite tiger which can be viewed by clicking this link: http://www.tigers4ever.org/mytigerfriendprofiles.html.

The MyTigerFriend scheme membership has an annual subscription of £10 per “MyTigerFriend” for the standard online membership (Premium membership is £35 per annum per MyTigerFriend and offline membership is £20 per annum per MyTigerFriend). You’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership each year if you want to continue with your tiger adoption. You will asked to complete a registration form and pay your fee(s) via our online payment scheme with PayPal (if you are a UK Tax payer and you use this option you can elect to “GiftAid” your subscription at no extra cost to you). If you want to join the “MyTigerFriend” scheme as a gift for someone else please email us with your details and your friend/relative’s details and we will contact you letting you know how you can set up your “MyTigerFriend” scheme gift. (Offline memberships will incur the higher fee of £20 per annum (Standard offline) or £35 per annum (Premium Membership), accordingly.

If you want to become a MyTigerFriend adopter please click on the button below  (for your preferred option) to register your details and select your MyTigerFriend.

Choose Your TigerFriend

Click the Buttons opposite to Register for Standard Online Membership, Premium or Offline Membership

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