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Michael J Vickers is a wildlife photographer & conservationist. He regularly visits the national parks of India & campaigns on behalf of tiger causes. Michael has kindly sponsored prizes in the Tigers4Ever 2012 and 2013 Photography Competitions.


Samantha J Pryer is a photographer, musician and songwriter who tirelessly campaigns for animal welfare and wildlife issues. Sam has actively supported Tigers4Ever since November 2012 and has donated prizes for the Tigers4Ever 2013 Charity Fundraiser Auction and Raffle. Sam dedicates a huge amount of time helping Tigers4Ever and other wildlife charities.


Jemima’s Place &Tigers4Ever established a collaboration  in 2013 to work together to promote awareness of conservation issues surrounding the wild tigers in India. Jemima’s Place is in the heart of rural South Wales where it provides a loving caring environment for sick, injured & unwanted animals, & works closely with other rescue charities throughout the UK. We work together to promote each other’s charity & have shared fundraising initiatives to help raise funds for wild tiger conservation projects.

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