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Tigers4Ever is committed to delivering projects which will have an ongoing lasting effect on future wild tiger conservation. This includes the construction of permanent wildlife water-holes in Bandhavgarh National Park which will provide sustainable year round water for wildlife including wild tigers, and will reduce incidents of man-animal conflict. Work on our wildlife waterholes started in 2016 following a successful fundraising campaign in 2015/16. We are constructing a waterhole with solar powered 5-HP Borehole pump (costing Rs.0.525 million (around UK£6500) on a dry site in core forest where currently wildlife frequently enters nearby villages in search of water during the hot dry summers. We hope to complete the work by the end of September 2017 as our progress was hampered by the early onset of monsoon rains in May and June.

Our next wildlife water-hole project will be the provision of a small dry lined circular waterhole (similar to the image shown on the left above) again with a 5-HP solar powered bore-hole (see centre image above for bore-hole construction) pump to fill the waterhole from underground water sources year-round (at a cost of Rs.695,000 around UK£8590) in an area where a wildlife water-source is absent so tigers, leopards and their prey frequently wander into nearby villages in search of water. Work will commence on this project when sufficient funds have been raised. We currently have a shortfall of £3290 which we would like to raise this year. If you want to help this project please donate here.  

We would also like to complete a further wildlife waterhole project which we hope to complete in 2018 (subject to raising a further £8900) providing a 5-HP solar-powered bore-hole pump (at a cost of Rs.695,000, around UK£8590), at the site of an existing waterhole which dried out completely during the 2016 drought and provides an essential water source for up to 14 wild tigers. All of these water-hole projects, including the solar powered bore-hole pumps, will be constructed in both an ecologically and environmentally focused manner.

Local workers are being used in the construction of the water-holes so these projects provide a much needed source of income in the rural community which lives with the wild tigers.

We are grateful to Tiger Awareness for donating 15% of the costs associated with the our Waterhole Projects. Waterhole construction work at the core site in the Kithauli Zone of Bandhavgarh National Park is expected to be completed by the end of September 2017. If you would like to help us to continue to provide permanent water sources for wildlife including tigers, please donate using the buttons above or at http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/waterholes (PayPal Donations are welcome). Every little helps.

Wildlife waterhole to be sourced by 5 HP Solar powered bore-hole pump Adopt-a-Tiger Bore-hole to underground water source prepared for solar-powered pump Site of relocated village and 1600 sq metre natural swampland waterhole


  1. To reduce man-animal conflict between humans and wild tigers.
  2. To prevent wild tiger deaths due to man-animal conflict.


  1. Provide permanent wildlife water-holes to provide year round water sources for wild tigers and their prey in areas of forest away from human activities.
  2. Provide environmentally friendly solutions to sourcing water for water-holes and minimise need for ongoing human interventions.
  3. Educate villages on the consequences of their actions in the forest and on personal safety for themselves and their livestock.
  4. Work with local communities to ensure they benefit from wild tiger survival.
Site of relocated village for proposed Permanent large wildlife waterhole, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India

Our Work in India- Wildlife Waterhole Project

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